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Come have fun and learn with AYSES Academy. The program features boys and girls 7 through 10 years of age. The program offers youth a higher level of individual and team soccer skills that will enable them to go as far as they wish with the sport. These skills are taught by coaches who are imminently qualified and who provide an environment conducive to mastery of the skills and pure enjoyment of the game. AYSES teaches the kids character building life lessons.

Phil Thomas

Phil Thomas

Head Coach

Academy Director of Coaching

Phone: 214-886-6192

Age Chart

2013 7U (advanced) 4v4 3
2012 8U 4v4 3
2011 9U 7v7 7
2010 10U 7v7 4

Train and Compete with an AYSES Academy Team

  • Teams compete in league play and tournaments.
  • Teams practice dates and times vary.  
    (click here for Team Field Assignments)
  • Online Registration Required.  Please talk with the coach and attend at least one practice session before you complete the online registration.
  • NTSSA Academy Player Registration Form required.

Monthly Training Fee

$95 paid monthly
Online registration is required.

The training fee is for training only.
Home Association, additional league play and tournament fees are paid separately. Home Association fees vary.  Indoor League, Futsal, and tournament fees vary and are based on the team and the number of players on the team.


Click the "team button" for more information, including Team Calendar. 


 1) Nurturing and family friendly

 2) Proven coaching techniques with well qualified coaches

 3) Focus on development of whole child, not just soccer

 4) Consistency of player experience from team to team

 5) Opportunities for players of all ages and abilities

 6) Demanding, fun and positive environment

 7) One of the most competitive clubs at the highest level in North Texas and the country

 8) Providing lessons and experiences that will last a life time

 9) One of the top quality facilities

10) Open to any player who wants to become a better soccer player


Over the years, we have developed a reputation of
developing top teams and players. That continues to
be our mission. We develop good players at a faster
rate than almost anybody out there. In the process,
they learn to love the game because of our approach to
coaching.  We focus on the following:

• Long term development.
• Focus on skills.
• Commitment to the player.
• Fun environment.


AYSES offers clinics for coaches. The clinics will assist
you in the following ways with your team:

• Teach skills that are critical to a player’s development in the early years.
• Keep players engaged.
• Run organized practices.
• Keep practices fun for players.
• Learn the key aspects of good coaching.